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The exhibition with Thomas Simonsen Balmbra in connection with the Bodø Jazz Open was to open on 31 January, but due to the development of the corona situation, it is not possible to carry out the festival. We have therefore decided to postpone the exhibition until the autumn of 2021, and will return with more information and date as soon as this is ready. Date not set.

Artist and filmmaker Thomas Simonsen Balmbra is our guest artist during the Bodø Jazz Open 2021. We have the pleasure of welcoming you all to the exhibition.

Thomas was born in Bodø (1985), and now works in Oslo. Central to his work are transformational narratives, in which characters or situations undergo a drastic change. As a performance artist, he performs under the name Trauma's Slim monster Kvalmbra, and performs absurdist and expressive monologues. He likes to wear costumes, dolls and music, and in the narratives the character often erodes in a downward spiral of mania. As a consequence of internal conflict, the bodies in his animations and experimental short films undergo extreme change to the monstrous or a total dissolution. With a series of images based on portraits and stills from unpleasant films, he seeks to explore the connection between the decorative and the repulsive. Challenging the viewer with the use of absurdity, intensity and humor is one of his central goals. At Bodøgaard we get to experience both performance, film and photos.