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We rent out our premises for big and small occasions!

The premises are suitable for everything from weddings, confirmations, memorial services, birthdays and courses / conferences.

When renting, Nordland Event is responsible for serving food and drink at Bodøgaard.

We have different rooms to suit parties of between 10 to a maximum of 120 guests.

We have the following premises for rent:

Oscars hall: 60 pers

Gammelfløyen: 120 pers

Café: 40 pers

Ole Parelius: 20 pers

Vitis Polaris: 10 pers

It is possible to rent the entire facility. This is common in connection with, for example, weddings.

Get in touch if interested

Skeiddalen 2

8070, Bodø

Booking and prices by email.

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