Oscar Bodøgaard

Oscar Bodøgaard was born on the farm Bodøgård on July 21, 1923. Throughout his life, Bodøgaard has worked as a visual artist and cultural worker based in Bodø and northern Norway. He started his art education at Trondheim Vocational School under Ole Teien. Further at Oscar Lynum's private sculpture class in Trondheim and Professor HK Stabell's drawing and painting school, Trondheim. In 1946 Bjarne Engebret's painting school in Oslo. 1949 - 50 The Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen under Professor Kræsten Iversen and Holger Jensen, graphics under Professor Axel Jørgesen. 1951 The Norwegian Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo under Per Krohg and the years 1953 - 57 The Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen under Professor Eiolf Risebye.

After graduating, Oscar Bodøgaard chose to return to Northern Norway and Bodøgård where he started a family, built a studio, a home and settled. Here he lived and worked as an artist throughout his long life.

Bodøgaard is primarily known as a painter and interpreter of nature. His artistic expression developed from the naturalistic figurative to more abstract and non-figurative interpretations of the seasons, the light and the nature in which he lived in northern Norway. In addition to painting, he has also worked with drawing, graphic techniques, mosaics and material images.

He has also put in a great deal of artistic and art policy work. In his time, he helped establish Bodø Kunstforening, Nordnorske Billedkunstnere and Norske Billedkunstnere. He also helped start the North Norwegian Art Exhibition. For a long period in the 1960s - 70s, he also had large restoration assignments in northern Norway for the national heritage. He received the Bodø Municipality's Culture Prize in 1970, was appointed an honorary member of the Bodø Art Association in 1975, and received the Nordland County Municipality's Culture Prize in 1996.

Bodøgaard had a large artistic production, had many solo exhibitions and participated in a number of group and group exhibitions in Norway and abroad. He is represented in the National Museum, the North Norwegian Art Museum and a number of public and private collections at home and abroad.

Oscar Bodøgaard left a great deal of artistic material about his own life as an artist. Likewise, a unique collection of ancient Orthodox Icons, an art and cultural history collection that today is considered one of the country's largest private collection. All this can be experienced today at Bodøgaard - art & culture that is run by the family.